Year 6 were lucky enough to go to Adventure International on Wednesday and Thursday. We did four different activities: Canoeing, Mountain Boarding, Team Challenge and High Ropes.

We were fortunate to have some of the best instructors that Adventure International could offer.

All of the activities were really funny because loads of people had lemon moments! Some people fell in the canal, some people dangled on the high ropes while not being able to get back on the platform (which I will always remember forever.) Not mentioning Ellis tipping his boat over into the canal which was hilarious! Some people tried to help others by pushing them down the hill during mountain boarding but it went a little bit wrong because people would fall over all the time.

We played lots of games from football, basketball and challenges. Everyone had loads of fun at Adventure International and can’t wait to come back on Friday for some more great activities and adventures! This was once in a lifetime opportunity for every single person in Year Six! And we had amazing opportunities that we will forever treasure!

Many thanks to Macca, Tracey and all of the Adventure International crew!

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