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Every child needs to feel valued, involved and appreciated. Thrive is a dynamic, developmental approach to working with children and young people that helps teachers and adults to interpret their behaviour and address their emotional needs.

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Thrive helps adults prepare children and young people for life’s emotional ups and downs.

The Approach teaches you how to be, and what to do, with children’s differing and sometimes challenging behaviour. As a result, children become more self-assured and ready to engage with life and learning.

Based on neuroscience and attachment research, Thrive training provides a targeted intervention. All practice is underpinned by Thrive-Online, an assessment tool and extensive action planning resource that charts progress and measures outcomes.

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With the support of Thrive training and Thrive-Online, adults learn how to help children and young people to:

•feel good about themselves
•know that they matter
•become more resilient and resourceful
•have a positive place in society
•form trusting, rewarding relationships
•be creative
•be compassionate and empathetic
•be thoughtful and self-aware
•be productive
•be able to overcome difficulties and setbacks


Jill Swain is the Lead Practitioner of Thrive at Bude Junior School.

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