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Table Tennis-Year Six

First Round Report-Duckpool Section

Tuesday was the day the table tennis tournament kicked off! There were 12 jaw-droppingly great games. In one game it went down to 10-10 and then Amberleigh made a great serve which gave her the victory.

Supposedly one of the best table tennis players in the class took on Stacey but it didn’t go the way everybody thought it was going to go and it ended up 11-7 to Kieran (he justs squeezes through to the next round). We all can’t wait to see what happens in the next round. Good luck to everyone.

By Jago and Kieran

Progressing through to the second round from the Duckpool section:

Cassie, Kallum, Amaya, Amberleigh, Dylan , Kieran, Jago, Jack, Dylan, Alfie, Luke and Chloe