Dear Year 5 Parents/ Carers,

We are starting the Summer Term with our new, Science based, topic ‘Round and Round’ which is all about Lifecycles of plants, animals and humans. We will be showing a DVD on growing up and puberty. We will give details on this subject nearer the time.

Our visit to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth will be a fascinating insight into the world of marine life including an interactive workshop on ‘Our Magical Seas’ as well as a Science show on ‘Our Blue Planet’. The Lifecycle theme will continue with a visit from a local ceramic artist, Angelique Medland, who will be helping the children to design, create and make a Lifecycle totem sculpture out of clay, with each child contributing a section. The finished sculpture will be proudly situated within the school grounds.

Our last two topics will be a geography based topic, ‘The World is our Oyster’ and a history based topic, ‘Rites and Rituals’ which involves learning about the Ancient Civilisation of the Mayans. To complement our geography and survival theme in the first topic, the children will learning map reading and compass skills as part of an orienteering activity at ‘Outdoor Adventure’ on the 22nd May. More details will follow. In July, we have a beach safety day organised by ‘Adventure International’.


Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all!

In the Spring Term, our first topic is Fever, Fire and Fashion which is humanities based. This is centred on The Stuart Period focusing on The Plague, The Fire of London and Fashions of that era. We have invited a historical re-enactment group to bring to life some of the features of this dramatic historical time. In Science, we will be exploring changing states of solids, liquids and gases.

In the second half of this term, our topic is called ‘Our Commonwealth’. We will be studying the commonwealth countries and their values as well as looking at myths from other cultures. A local Steel Band will be visiting to run a workshop in conjunction with our Commonwealth countries studies. At the end of this project, we would very much like to host a Commonwealth Day in order to share music, food and the children’s work on Commonwealth cultures.

We will be continuing with our daily reading homework and the online Abacus Maths homework which supports our learning in class.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Year 5 curriculum map