On Wednesday May 17th, Bude Junior School took seven teams to the North Cornwall Games, which was held at Budehaven. Teams from Wadebridge, Launceston and Bude Districts competed. Over fifteen schools challenged each other in: badminton, basketball, tennis, hockey and golf (quad kidz athletics will take place on the 23rd of May).

Here are the results and reports from the events.


North Cornwall Champions!

Jack, Layla, Kieran and Poppy went to compete against four other schools to battle it out for the top title of North Cornwall Games champions. Bude Junior’s badminton team efforts paid off as they came out victorious, which results in them going forward to the Cornwall County Games (on 30th June). Huge thanks to Mrs. Munks for her superb coaching!

Written by Jack and Layla



North Cornwall Runners Up

Jago, Dylan, Kallum, Megan, Alfie, Ryan, Daisy and Emma were the BJS basketball team. They are North Cornwall  Runners Up. Underfeated in our league, we went into the final with high hopes. Unfortunatley,we lost 5-1 to Kilkhampton. Thanks Mrs Kington!

Written by Emma and Daisy!

Badminton 3/4

North Cornwall Runners Up

We all enjoyed going to the North Cornwall Games and we mostly enjoyed launching the giant shuttle-cock. All of us took part at the same time (and we had some resting time). We also did an activity outside. We came 2nd over all. In one activty we got 180 points. When they were anouncing the scores it was very intense and we enjoyed it very much.

Toby. Annabel, Kelsey and Lewis


North Cornwall Third Place

 There were eight golf activities that included long distance putting, short distance putting and hitting and avoiding cones. We came third  with 903 points as we worked as a team and tried our hardest. Thanks Mr Paton for supporting us.

By Maizie and Amelie.


North Cornwall Third Place

Bude Junior competed in hockey and had lots of fun although we didn’t win. We did come 3rd (out of 4) though. At least we didn’t come last. It was probably the biggest challenge we have ever faced. We lost the first two games but went out in a blaze of glory winning our last game 3-1.


Tennis 5/6

North Cornwall 4th Place

Tennis 3/4

North Cornwall 6th Place

5/6 The tennis went incredibly well as we came third! Every player tried their hardest and all of their work paid off. Lots of teams in the competition only had a few players so we were lucky.


3/4-We played 6 games and we won 3 and lost 3. We had so much fun. Stratton won and that’s fair because they were the best team.