There was a large number of extremely impressive entries for the 500 word story competition.  Our judge, librarian Katie Davis, stated that she was totally amazed at the quality of writing that had been submitted and that it was very, very challenging to have to pick out certain stories as runners-up and winners.

Here they are though, with brief feedback on why each story was chosen:

500 Word Story Winners and Runners-up

Year 3

Winner: Ellie, Northcott

A wonderful fresh and unique voice. Fantastic concept, subversive – takes a familiar idea and turns it on its head, funny and focused. Incredible writing!

Runner-up: Reuben, Wanson

David Walliams and Andy Stanton beware – there’s a new comedy genius in town! Exquisite comedy timing, cracking dialogue and very, very funny. Contains the most delightful and hilarious example of bathos – perfect anti-climax, from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Year 4

Winner: The Midnight Friend by Leon, Crackington

A magnificent effort. Great vocabulary, beautiful details, unique voice and very imaginiative. Sterling work!

LEON The Midnight Friend

Runner-up: The Surf Explorer by Toby, Sandymouth

Fantastic description of an exciting underwater world. Great detail and highly imaginative.

 Year 5

Winner: Back in Time by Luke, Widemouth

Really well executed story, has pace and drama. Lots of great details and descriptions and is vividly written. Lovely use of vocabulary, particularly when writing about sounds, really brings the story to life.

Runner-up: The hedgehog’s blue hat by Lucie, Crooklets

Story has deft touches of humour. Showcases an admirable social conscience. Has a great message about taking care of everyone and appreciating how fortunate we are.

Year 6

Winner: The Making of a Superhero by Maizie, Black Rock

Quite simply: breathtaking. The most exquisite example of writing about what you know. Powerful, moving, insightful, beautifully written, emotional and well-rounded. Excecuted with an incredibly mature balance of pace and sensitivity. Gives a real glimpse of what the girl in the story is feeling.

Runner-up: The Magical Diamond by Lily, Duckpool Wonderful, vivid writing, packed with vivid descriptions, tension and drama.

Runner-up: Lost in Florence by Amelie, Summerleaze Very well executed and accomplished story writing. Excellent attention to detail.

We are planning on publishing the stories at the earliest opportunity so please watch this space!